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Product: 10072240

Accountability system

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Model: 10072240
Supplier: MSA

Accountability is key to every firefighter’s safety on a fire scene. MSA’s new optional Accountability System revolutionizes fireground safety by combining the latest computer software with a high-performance radio module and the field-proven technology of MSA’s ICM Tx Integrated PASS.

A new way to monitor vital information
  • Each MSA base station can monitor up to 50 firefighters, and you can use multiple base stations on a single computer.
  • The FireHawk M7 Air Mask with telemetry transmits to incident command the firefighter’s name, team assignment, cylinder pressure, service-time remaining, PASS alarms (motion or manual), thermal alarms, battery status, radio connectivity, and evacuation acknowledgement.
A fireground management system
  • Personalized ID tags for each firefighter tell incident command exactly who is on scene.
  • An integrated PAR (personnel accountability report) timer helps manage radio calls to each team.
  • Incident command can manually add firefighters who are not wearing an SCBA or mutual aid firefig
Intuitive and easy to use
  • Assign firefighters to teams by clicking on a firefighter’s icon and dragging it to another team.
  • A volume of critical information is available at a glance of the screen, due to the large number of firefighters that can be displayed and the pictorial format of the information.
  • Receive both audible and visual indications of critical events such as PASS alarms or lowpressure alarms.
A two-way evacuation feature
  • Incident command is assured that firefighters receive all evacuation messages. When incident command transmits the alarm through the FireHawk M7 Air Mask, they’ll know the firefighter received it, because the unit automatically sends a confirmation message to the base station.
  • By simply pressing a button on his/her own control module, a firefighter can send a manual confirmation to acknowledge that they have received and understand the critically important evacuation message.
  • Firefighters will hear the evacuation alarm on their own personal PASS device. Also, visual indications in the HUD and an icon on the control module will alert the firefighter that it is time to evacuate.
  • An individual firefighter, a team of firefighters, or all firefighters can be evacuated with the click of a button.
  • Although certain concrete and steel commercial structures can challenge any radio signal, MSA’s Accountability System coverage with radio technology provides highly reliable performance for a 1-mile line-of-sight range.
  • Due to the spread-spectrum design, it does not interfere with other high-band radio frequency equipment.
  • For additional safety, both base station and firefighter modules have an icon message to inform users if a firefighter falls out of radio signal range, so that alternate accountability measures, such as voice radio contact with teammates, can be taken.

Available Models
Model Description
10072240 Accountability Base Station Kit (includes software, antenna kit, USB cable and 8-24 volt power cable)
10083876 M7 Control Module Reader / M7 ID tag writer
10083875 M7 ID tags
10075756 Antenna kit
10063880 USB cable
10049410 8-24 volt, power cable
10047342 Wall mount power cable (not included in 10072240 kit)