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Product: MSA-485366 (EBS package)

Quick-fill system

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Model: MSA-485366 (EBS package)
Supplier: MSA

The patented Quick-Fill System lets MSA Air Mask users refill and transfill air cylinders while the SCBA is worn, without removing the air cylinder—even in IDLH atmospheres. Use this MSA-exclusive option to:

  • Fill an SCBA cylinder from a mobile compressor or cascade system in less than a minute.
  • Transfill between two cylinders, providing an Emergency Breathing System.
  • Extend the air supply over longer durations, using a remote compressed-air source.

Because performance is not affected, MSA Air Masks retain NIOSH certification during use of the Quick-Fill System.

Air Masks compliant to recent NFPA standard have the Quick-Fill URC fitting located at the Audi-Larm warning device. A Quick-Fill hose with a quick-disconnect connects the air source to the adapter for air transfer. See Bulletin 0105-92-MC for a Question & Answer overview of Quick-Fill Systems.

Replacement Parts for the Quick-Fill System
Model Description
485366 EBS hose package, includes 3-foot emergency transfill hose in Kevlar pouch
485331 Emergency transfill hose, less Kevlar pouch
485390 Kevlar pouch
485391 Male stainless steel quick-disconnect with SAE-10 thread, complete with dust cover (also for use as a fitting for customized refilling systems)
485392 Female quick-disconnect with SAE-4 thread, complete with dust cover
Quick-Fill Hoses
Model 25 ft 12 ft 10 ft 8 ft 6 ft 3 ft
485332 802690 802689 802688 802687 485331 FDQ x FQD
487907 802677 802675 802673 802672 492796 FDQ x CGA-347 Outlet
487909 802685 802683 802681 802679 487427 FDQ x CGA-347 CN
487906 802704 802703 802702 802701 802705 FDQ x SAE-4
487908 802678 802676 802674 802672 492797 FDQ x CGA-346 Outlet
487910 802686 802684 802682 802680 487428 FDQ x CGA-346 CN