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Product: 3i
Temperature transducer


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Model: 3i
Supplier: Raytek


The 3i Series is pratically made-to-order. With the broadest temperature ranges, laser, and scope sighting options available, there’s a model to meet even the most exacting requirements.

Available Models
Model Recommended Uses Temperature Range Typical Distance to Target Optical Resolution Emissivity
3i Energy Inspection, Power Distribution, Glass Mfg., Thin Film Plastics, Heat Treatment -30° to 3000°C Varies by model 25:1 up to 180:1 Adjustable


3i Model Chart
Model Application Spectral Response
3i1m High Temp 1 μm
3i2m High Temp 1.6 μm
3iG5 Glass Mfg. 5 μm
3iP7 Thin Film 7.9 μm
3iLT Low Temp 8-14 μm
3iLR Long Range 8-14 μm
3iCL Small Target 8-14 μm

Note: The 3i Series is available in a broad variety of temperature ranges, signting options, optical ranges and offers spectral responses to meet the needs of specialized industrial applications. These units are carefully matched for optimum performance when measuring critical temperatures for energy inspections, power distribution, glass manufacturing, thin film plastics, and heat treatment operations.