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Product: OM-SP-UN5
SCBA brackets & straps

SCBA Support

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Model: 15251
Supplier: Flamefighter Corp.

The rugged FlameFighter bracket safeguards your SCBA cylinders from scarring and damage.  The highest quality nylon protective coating and thermoplastic available will outlast all other coatings.  Strong resilient cylinder clips made of 1075 spring steel will hold their shape and will not damage the cylinder.  We guarantee it with The Industries Original SCBA Bracket Lifetime Warranty!

Our clips are coated with a base coast of high grade nylon and a second layer of high grade thermoplastic for added extra protection on the tips of the clips.  Excellent for use with all cylinders including carbon fiber cylinders.  Third party tested to over 50,000 cycles



Model description
15251 Assembled 5.25 (30 min high pressure)
16751 Assembled 6.10 (30 min low/45 min high pressure)
17251 Assembled 7.25 (60 min low/high pressure)
25251 Unassembled 5.25 (30 min high pressure)
26751 Unassembled 6.10 (30 min low/45 min high pressure)
27251 Unassembled 7.25 (60 min low/high pressure)