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Product: H8BC
Smoke Ejector

Flexible hose

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Model: H8BC
Supplier: Fantraxx

Description:Our Flexible Hose is constructed from a PVC fabric sewn around a spring wire helix. Temperature range is from -20º to 200ºF. Flexible Hose is flame resistant and compressible to 1/5 extended length. Comes equipped with quick release buckle on one end and outlet ring on the other end.

Available models
Model Diameter
Fan size
H8BC 8" 15' U12
H10BC 10" 15' U12
H12BC 12" 15' U12
H16BC 16" 20' U16
H18BC 18" 20' U18
H20BC 20" 20' U20
H24BC 24" 20' U24