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Type of inspection

Advanced visual inspection of components

Frequency: Yearly or as needed

  • Shock-resistant shell
  • Faceshield and visor
    • Blistered, bubbled, cracked, or charred
    • Missing E-ring
    • Shaft not intact
  • Defender lens
    • Blistered, bubbled, cracked, or charred lens
    • Broken quick-connect clips
  • Goggles
    • Ventilation and filtration
    • Lens, frame, straps, adjustment assembly, and mounting hardware
  • Breakaway Tabs
    • Missing, bent, or damaged tabs.
  • Chinstrap
    • Frayed, missing, or broken parts
    • Missing, cut, frayed, or broken stitching
    • Clogged or worn-out Velcro
    • Brittle, broken, or missing quick-release button
    • Loose postman’s slide
  • Suspension Straps
    Ensure straps lie flat and pass between alignment guides
    • Missing, cut, or broken stitching
    • Tears or abrasions on straps
    • Brittleness
    • Discoloration
  • Earlap
    • Missing, cut, or broken stitching
    • Nomex layer discoloured, charred, or perforated
    • Flannel liner torn or seared
  • Headband
    • Brittle, torn, cracked, or broken
    • Holes
    • Able to open ratchet by tugging on legs