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Types of inspection

Preventive maintenance program (PMP)

Frequency : Twice a year

Our specialists are accredited for the “PMP”; our Preventive Maintenance Program, recognized by the S.A.A,Q,, thus ensuring that they are have all the requisite training to perform a professional inspection of your vehicles. 

Here is an overview of the Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP) :

  • In the vehicle:
    Accessories, engine on, engine off
  • Around the vehicle:
    Cabin and bodywork, towing attachment, loading space, suspension and brakes, fire-fighting equipment, fire pump compartment and hose compartment,
  • Under the hood:
    General inspection
  • Under the vehicle:
    Steering, suspension (front and rear), frame and chassis
  • Brake system
  • Etc.

Mechanical maintenance on vehicle

Frequency: As needed, or according to the number of hours of operation recommended by the manufacturer of each component

  • Ignition:
    Batteries, sparkplugs, starters, and alternators.
  • Exhaust:
    Detecting a metallic noise or a suspect odour under the vehicle.
  • Distributor:
    Change can vary between 75,000 and 120,000 km or 5 to 7 years of use.
  • Oil change:
    Respect the oil change periods recommended in your maintenance manual. The lifespan of your engine depends on it! We perform oil changes based on your engine and your level of use. Changing the oil and fuel filter is recommended with each oil change.
  • Shock absorbers:
    The handling of your vehicle depends mostly on your shock absorbers. Did you know that tired shock absorbers can make you lose 50 % of your cornering grip?
  • Braking:
    Areo-Fire offers you braking products of very high quality and will be able to advise you on changing your brake pads, disks and brake kits. Don’t forget to have your flexible brake devices checked as well as your air system.
  • Tires:
    When your vehicle is moving, the area of contact between the road and your tires is no larger than a sheet of paper! It is therefore very important to monitor the state of your tires and to replace them as soon as necessary.
  • Air-conditioning:
    Air-conditioning requires maintenance to ensure its effectiveness and protect the environment! Good maintenance will restore all its cooling power and will remove any unpleasant odours that may develop.
  • Other mechanical parts:
    Areo-Fire can carry out many other types of repairs besides traditional maintenance services: accessory belts, bearings, transmission bellows, air-conditioning compressors, radiators, etc.