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New Reward Program

You own a vehicle from Areo-Fire?[1] This service is for you!

With over 50 years of experience in the fire field, we understand the essence of good customer service due to our strong expertise. Areo-Fire is therefore a partner of choice for the purchase and maintenance of your vehicles because of the extent of our skills. In order to meet and even surpass our client expectations, we possess and offer the following elements:

  • Eleven garage spaces for vehicles maintenance;
  • Team of experts in general mechanics;
  • ULC certified mechanics;
  • Continuous training sessions on technological innovations; 
  • Large inventory of truck parts;
  • Two interior testing bay
  • Several mobile maintenance units; etc. 

With this in mind, we created a new reward program: the Service Plus Areo-Fire program. The main purpose of this program is to reward our clients, but more importantly, to thank them for the loyalty and thrust they place in us year after year. See the program’s terms and conditions.

Benefits of the Service Plus Areo-Fire Program

Loyalty Card

With this program, we give our customers a loyalty card[2]. After each truck inspection in workshop or on the road (all brands combined), the customers will receive a sticker to affix on their loyalty card[3].

After getting 4 stickers, our customers will be able to choose a free service or a free item of his or her choice among the following elements, applicable on any vehicle of their truck fleet:

Free Services or Free Items:

  • Free promotional items
  • Free anti-rust
  • Free engine oil replacement
  • Free pump pre-inspection
  • Free jockey service (transportation of your vehicle by a reputed company)[4]

Inspection = 1 sticker Service Plus

4 stickers Service Plus = 1 free service or 1 free item 

*Please note that you are solely responsible for your loyalty card. You have to manage your stickers and present your card when claiming your free services or free items. 

Relaxing Waiting Area

We have set up, within our premises, a cozy waiting area with armchairs, refined coffee, snacks, large television, Apple TV and Wi-Fi. Thus, our customers have the opportunity to relax, to watch the last episode of Walking Dead or to even take a nap while we take care of their vehicles. This Service Plus is applicable for all of your truck fleet.

A Service in your likeness

What is better than a clean truck bay, effectively set up and dedicated to our Service Plus Areo-Fire clients? Large work surfaces, magnetic boards available for truck plans, clean coveralls, kitchen area, refined coffee and snacks characterize this properly lighted space.

Exterior Washing

After an inspection or repair of your fire engine in our workshops, your vehicle will be entitled to an exterior washing if necessary. This Service Plus is applicable for all of your truck fleet.

Centralized Communication Service

You have a question about the functioning, the guarantee or any other topic related to a fire engine purchased from us? We created a unique email for all your questions related to the vehicles; this way we improve considerably our internal communications and therefore the service provided.

From now on, Service Plus Areo-Fire customers will use this email 

address: serviceplus@areo-feu.com  

Training Service and Updates

To maximize the performance of your new fire truck, we offer for free to our Service Plus Areo-Fire customers a training of 4 hours and an annual update on its use, for as long as you own the truck. 

These training sessions are given according to the Train the trainer principle, which means that we will train 8 to 10 members of your team who will pass on their new knowledge to the rest of your team. Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as you want to refresh your knowledge. 

Courtesy Vehicle Service[5]

When our customers receiving the Service Plus Areo-Fire come to us for repair or vehicle inspection, we simplify their life by offering several options. Indeed, as required, we offer them a pumper truck or a car, free of charge and depending on availability. This Service Plus is applicable for all of your truck fleet.

Reminder Service Before the End of the Guarantee

Costs associated with maintenance and repair of fire engines can quickly become expensive. For this reason, we are committed to communicate with our customers before the end of their guarantee for an inspection of their trucks, so we can repair them or adjust them properly.

This way, it is possible to raise issues quickly and to save our customers money. At Areo-Fire, we are committed to following up with clients. This Service Plus is applicable only on vehicles purchased from Areo-Fire. 

Network Sharing and Exchange among Service Plus ArEo-FIRE members

Following the purchase of a fire truck from us, our clients are invited to join our private Facebook group named Service Plus Areo-Fire. This group presents discussions, videos, photos and technical uses. Our customers will have the opportunity to exchange and enrich themselves with other Service Plus Areo-Fire members. 

[1] Vehicle purchased at Areo-Fire after 2008. 

[2] In order to take advantage of the free services or free items, the client must present his loyalty card. 

[3] The free services or free items are not convertible into cash, exchangeable or applicable on any vehicle brand. 

[4] The free jockey service is granted for the first 100 kilometers (round trip). The additional kilometers will be charged according to the price list in effect. 

[5] The free courtesy vehicle service is granted for the first 100 kilometers (round trip). The additional kilometers will be charged according to the price list in effect.