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Pumper-Tanker, Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines

Pumper-Tanker with NH55 Fire Pump


  • Body Builder: Rosenbauer
  • Model: Custom Pumper Tanker mounted on Rosenbauer Commander Custom cab
  • Chassis: Commander 3000
  • Engine: Cummins™
  • Rated HP: 450 hp


  • Fire Pump: Rosenbauer NH1500, Normal & Hi-Presure pump (capacity: 1250 igpm at normal pressure and 83 igpm at 600 psi).
  • Water tank capacity: 1500 imp gal


Rosenbauer Custom Pumper Tanker mounted on a Rosenbauer Commander 3000 Custom chassis, 4 door cab, 8in Raised Roof, 6 passengers, 2016 year. Cummins 450 HP engine complete with an Allison 3000 transmission. 20 000 lb front axle capacity and 31 500 lb rear axle capacity. Rosenbauer NH 1500, 1250 gipm normal pressure capacity and 80 gipm à 600 lbs for hi-pressure capacity c/w one (1) hi-pressure booster reel on hi-pressure side. 1 500 Imp. gallons water tank, Rosenbauer EZ-Foam System for normal pressure and Rosenbauer Fix-Mix foam system for hi-pressure side c/w one (1) 16 gal. foam tank. Rosenbauer CT modular marine grade 3/16” aluminum body complete with roll-up doors and spatter coat compartment finish. LED emergency lighting package.

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