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A body designed to last: Rosenbauer EXT

As you know, Quebec’s climate is putting all vehicles to the test. In winter, humidity and salt on the roads are the main enemies of a vehicle’s body.

As a response, Rosenbauer offers the EXT body, built of 3/16″ aluminum extrusion, making it the strongest body in the industry.

The EXT design allows, among other things, greater longevity of the components, thus avoiding the risk of premature wear, reduced maintenance costs, and the decommissioning of the vehicle.


Most interesting facts about the EXT

  • Better longevity
  • Incomparable strength
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Large storage capacity
  • Transferable and lifetime warranty (unique on the market)

Fully protected wiring and lighting

The wiring and lighting system are recessed into the extrusions of the body, which protects them from the weather and minimizes the risk of hanging. They are easily accessible thanks to bolted panels.

Weather-sheltered equipment

To maximize storage space, roll-up doors open to the full width and height of the compartments. In addition, they wrap in a separate compartment, so your equipment is less exposed to moisture and stays dry.

Compact and durable hinges

Located inside the compartment, stainless steel hinges are weatherproof. This type of hinge allows an opening over the entire width of the compartment.

Maximized storage space

Recessed roll-up doors allow attaching specific equipment to the ceiling, maximizing the usable storage space.

Practical and safe steps

The door panels of the lower compartments fold down on the outside and serve as steps. This allows easy and safe access to equipment stored in the upper rooms.

High-quality wheel fenders

The wheel fenders are available in aluminum (painted) or natural (polished). Thanks to their design, the wheel fenders are easily replaceable.

The EXT in action



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