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The Tiller truck is a trailer truck whose rear wheels are articulated to allow it to sneak into the narrow streets.

The vehicle, therefore, needs two drivers: one at the front and a second to steer the wheels of the trailer, hence the presence of a second cab at the rear.

The Tiller combined with the fire ladder Viper (78 or 109 feet) offers you several options unmatched by the competition. This vehicle will undoubtedly exceed your expectations with its state-of-the-art CAN-Bus system.

Use: Municipal, industrial

  • Model: Tiller Truck / Viper Ladder
  • Rosenbauer chassis: Commander
  • Engine: Cummins™
  • Engine power: 505 to 600 HP
  • Body: Extruded (EXT)
  • Ladder: 100′
  • Below grade operations: 10 ° below grade
  • Overall length: 57 ’6’’
  • Overall height: 11 ’3’’
  • Pump configuration: Side (MP3)
  • Pump: Rosenbauer, Darley, Waterous, Hale
  • Pump capacity: up to 1750 GIPM
  • Water tank: 300 imperial gallons
  • Foam system: FoamPro™ (high volume)


  • CAN-bus electronic system, monitors Ladder functions 16 times per second.
  • Crash protection system, platform and body
  • H-shaped stabilizers:
  • Short jacking
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel stabilizer and torsion box (25-year warranty)
  • Self-leveling, 2 at the front and 2 at the rear
  • Range: 13 ‘6’ ‘- 15’ 6 “
  • Electronic
  • Ladder: SMART
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel (25 year warranty)
  • Aerial ladder automated storage function
  • “Soft Touch” joystick for precise, smooth and safe handling of the ladder
  • Air command seat (ACS) or pedestal
  • Remote operations with the Radio Remote (ladder, monitor and stabilizers)
  • Ez-Climb™ Ladder
  • 150 sq. Ft. Of storage space
  • Complies with the NFPA standard



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