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Fire Trucks

In a time of constant specialization of equipment, maintenance and preventive measures are of the utmost importance to ensure the reliability of your trucks and equipment in operation. Reduce your risks of major breakdowns by entrusting us with your fleet of vehicles.

Maintenance and repair

We maintain your equipment in our facility or on the road. By entrusting your confidence in us, you are ensured of services that are meticulous, efficient and in Accordance with the best practices. Plus there are no surprises in terms of prices, deadlines, and types of work performed! We will help you understand the maintenance required on your products and will supply A complete report. Areo-Fire will Take care of everything for you!


Areo-Fire Ltd owns two mobile service units to perform inspection as well as maintenance and repair your fire trucks: a true turnkey service!

Whether you have access to water source or not, it is now possible to do your pumping tests in your fire station. Each mobile unit is fully equipped to perform all work necessary to get you fire trucks back on their feet!

It is now the right time to take your inspection or repair appointments.

Refurbishing and modifications

To maximize space and to increase the functionality of your vehicule, Areo-Fire offers a complete service that includes installation of all your equipment on your vehicle.

  • Layout of your equipment
  • Add drawers and shelves
  • Foam system
  • Replacement of a reservoir
  • Modify components
  • More