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Respirator Fit Testing

Adjustment of the respiratory face piece (Fit Test)

At your fire station or in our workshops, our technicians perform the Fit Test on MSA brand face pieces.

The Fit test consists of measuring the tightness (fit) of the respiratory facepiece to the morphology of each user (detecting leaks and/or maintenance control). A facepiece that is not properly adjusted can significantly increase the risks for the workers’ health due to infiltrations of volatile contaminants.

A Fit test is an essential assessment to ensure the health and safety of workers (see below for more information). 

Refer to the CSST Regulatory Guide for more information on the Maintenance, Cleaning and Storage Program (CSA Standard Z94.4-93).

Our Fit Test service is carried out in our workshops or in your installations by our technicians. Do not hesitate to take an appointment with us.

How it works

The fit test is used to select the appropriate model, size and type of equipment for each person. It also allows to assess if the facepiece is adjusted correctly. The controlled negative pressure technology provides a direct, rapid and accurate measurement of any leaks, regardless of the source.

The Fit Test is done with the OHD 3000 Quantifit Respiratory Fit Test System, following the REDON protocol, performed in 5 steps. This is the most efficient, fastest, easiest and most reliable way to perform a quantitative Fit Test.

OSHA accepted & NFPA compliant.

When to perform a Fit Test

  • Once per year
  • When the facepiece or half mask is changed on a breathing apparatus
  • When using a breathing apparatus on an annual basis
  • When the workers weight changes 
  • After getting a new dental apparatus (ex: denture)
  • After any facial surgery

During a FIT TEST

The worker must be clean shaven and have their own facial if necessary


A detailed report (paper or electronic) will be provided following every Fit Test


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