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The Rosenbauer Group has not always been one of the largest distributors of fire apparatus and employer of nearly 1,500 workers. Rosenbauer started from modest roots and had to work hard to become the company it is today.

Johann Rosenbauer, the founding father of the company, started the Linz Volunteer Fire Brigade with a few friends from a gymnastics club and began selling fire fighting basics in 1866. Johann’s son, Konrad, was the commander of the Linz Volunteer Fire Brigade and at the beginning of the 20th century, expanded the company’s trading activities to include the production of pumps and hoses. In the 1920s, Rosenbauer began to establish a name as a fire fighting vehicle manufacturer and since then has launched innovation after innovation onto the market, thus capturing a reputation as the innovation and technology leader in the fire fighting equipment branch.

During the 1990s, the company evolved from being an exporting crafts enterprise to a global concern with industrial manufacturing. Moreover, the systematic internationalization of the past fifteen years has seen the development of new Group companies, e.g. in the USA, Singapore and China and the opening up of additional markets. During this phase, the workforce has virtually doubled in size and roughly half of the Group’s personnel are now employed outside Austria.

Today, Rosenbauer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fire fighting vehicles and is represented by a sales and customer services network in over 100 countries. The Group’s core competence lies in mobile fire and disaster protection, particularly with regard to the development and production of the very latest fire fighting systems and fire fighting vehicle superstructures. Rosenbauer produces a complete portfolio of fire fighting vehicles according to both European and US standards and provides the fire services with a full range of equipment through the combination of vehicles with extinguishing systems and an extensive equipment program.

The Rosenbauer Group has been doing business for over 140 years. The business has survived numerous economic hardships and still has not faltered. Take a look and see what the company has seen unfold and has overcome during its many years in business.