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Clean Cab Concept Truck

CleanAir Recirculation Air Scrubber (Patent Pending) « Clean Air™ »

Rosenbauer's CleanAir system developed in conjunction with the University of Minnesota. CleanAir uses two types of filters to trap particulate such as a soot and an activated charcoal to change the chemistry of volatile organic compounds into a benign gas.

  • Developed in conjunction with Particle Calibration Labratory at the University of Minnesota
  • 85% Effective at removing VOCs
  • Tested to ASHRAE Standard 145.2-2016

The CleanAir system can be installed in nearly any type of vehicle with available power and space.

Removing particulates: Merv 15 is effective to 0.3 microns at 75%. In comparison to HEPA filters which are Merv 17-20 filters, however the science behind air filters is complex.

HEPA filters are used in homes and hospitals for the purpose of eliminating disease spreading organisms which are effective up to 99% on microns 0.3. HEPA filters are ineffective on gaseous contaminants. Our CleanAir system includes the second activated charcoal filter because firefighters who've been on-scene and those who definitely were involved in active fire attack off-gas. Known carcinogens which are common on the fire ground.


  • STAGE ONE Large particulates such as soot from fires are captured in the MERV-15. MERV filters provide better air-flow and require less replacement, do not clog as frequently compared to HEPA type filters. 
  • STAGE TWO: Off-gassing is a primary concern for crews coming into the apparatus contaminated by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Only activated charcoal is effective on gaseous contaminants.

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CleanLocker by Rosenbauer

Removing PPE from common areas is a tenant of efforts underway to clean out the harmful carcinogens firefighters are exposed to during and after fires. The CleanLocker by Rosenbauer when ventilated is an NFPA compliant PPE storage facility. In short, your dirty PPE is stored outside for your chassis cabin while in route back to the station.

Powered or Manual: The CleanLocker is available in either electrically powered version or a manual pull-out configuration. When powered a switch is available on the chassis cab dashboard for easy deployment as apparatus arrive on-scene. If a manual configuration is desired, the entire CleanLocker will be mounted on a 500lb. roll-out tray with a manual "D-ring" latch.

Rally point: The inspiration for the CleanLocker is to create a rally point for crew to exit the apparatus don PPE. The CleanLocker has capacity for four full sets of PPE turnout including SCBA packs. Soiled PPE should be bagged for the return trip to the station. A manual slide-out drawer is optional on the operator's side pump panel for the FAO PPE.Le retrait des équipements de protection individuelle (EPI) de la cabine représente un des efforts effectués afin d’éliminer les agents cancérigènes auxquels sont exposés les pompiers pendant et après les incendies.

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RDT | Rapid Deploy Tray

As SOPs change in departments to keep PPE out of chassis cabs Rosenbauer recognized don PPE after arrival on-scene of incidents may slow crews down. In an effort to keep your crew as effective as possible, Rosenbauer engineered the Rapid Deploy Tray or RDT which is powered, is deploy able from the chassis cab after the apparatus park brake is set.

Multiple applications: The RDT was created with rescue tools in-mind however the base design can be used for a multitude of applications. The RDT is rated to 500 lbs. if your department is better served by having ventilation fans, water rescue gear, saws or hand tools.

Operate manually: The RDT can quickly be manually operated with a flip of a switch. Many departments have concerns with powered features they would fail at the worst possible time. The RDT can be operated manually at any time and position whether the RDT is deployed or needs to be deployed.

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RDL | Rapid Deploy Light

Rosenbauer's Rapid Deploy Light - RDL is an air actuated LED scene light tower capable of reaching 20'. The RDL is smart enabled, when initially deployed the RDL travels to 8' above the apparatus then stops and waits for manual command to continue taller.

Movable lightheads: The RDL is equipped with four 120v lights. Capable of rotating two light heads 90° alignment can create a three light array.

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