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Commander Chassis

Commander Chassis

The Commander is providing many benefits desired by firefighters. Rosenbauer based is chassis design on firefighters, fleet management and fire chiefs comments. The results: outstanding performance and cab ergonomics. 


Le Commander can be equipped with a steel grill. It is also possible to choose between traditional quad style headlights or more modern round headlights. These options allow the client to personalize the truck to make it look like they want.


The performance of the chassis is critical for the safety of the passengers, and Rosenbauer is sure that when you'll drive the Commander, you'll be impressed by the vehicle handling.


Room and comfort inside the cabine were the keys to the design. The end results are impressive! The design efforts were validated by test carried out with the help of a third party confirming that the cabin exceeds expectations.


Fire departments wanted their trucks to be equipped with more efficient HVAC systems to provide effective air circulation during cold and hot days. Rosenbauer made these systems a priority when designing the Commander.


Fire departments mentioned that sustainability and reliability were very important. Cab interiors, but also each component of the frame, must be strong and durable suited for the wear and tear it's exposed to on a regular basis and need to be of a rugged design for long lasting service life.