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Normal pressure pump type N

The N series : ergonomic, silent, innovative.

Details that make the difference :

  • Pump pressure regulator
  • Low rotation speed/noise reduction
  • Centrifugal pump providing maximum efficiency


N Series : easy to use

Benefit from the following advantages :

  • Extreme suction power
  • Reliable and requires little maintenance
  • Contamination and corrosion resistant
  • Compatible with foam systems
  • Adaptable to all types of fire vehicles

The N series is also a modular system that can be ajusted to the client needs

Optional :

  • Mechanical protection against overheating of the pump
  • Protection against corrosion thanks due to the Gunmetal Alloy
  • Pump heating to prevent freezing during long journeys
  • Automatic priming pump devices
  • Shaft controls


Rosenbauer N series offers centrifugal pumps and normal pressure pumps. They are more effective due to its three-dimensional centrifugal compressor, its diffuser and its spiral.

The pumps of the N series stand out for their flat curves . The pressure increases when the opening and closing of the nozzle are minimized .

  • Normal pressure pump

  • Sealing without mechanical maintenance

  • Low speed, so a gearbox is generally not necessary since there is a noise reduction

  • The normal pressure housing is designed as a spiral housing with integrated diffusers to obtain unmatched efficiency


NH pumps series combines the advantages of the N pumps series with those of a high pressure centrifugal pump. Impellers normal and high pressure anti-rotating device provides an optimum compensation of the thrust load. A seperate drive for the high-pressure pump is not necessary.

With the help of a reversing valve, the water supply of the high pressure pump can be enabled or disabled at any speed. The use of impellers makes the high-pressure pump resistant to contaminated water. A separate filtration system is thus not required.

The pressure peaks are minimized with HP nozzles that are both opened and closed.

The control of the priming pump depends on the pump pressure. When reaching the priming pressure, a cylinder disengages the priming pump in order to disable the priming process. For an operation without discharge or hydrant operation, the priming pump can be switched off.

The N and NH type pumps are available in the following capacities:

  • 500 gpm (420 gimp)

  • 750 gpm (625 gimp)

  • 1000 gpm (840 gimp)

  • 1250 gpm (1050 gimp)

  • 1500 gpm (1250 gimp)

Fimix foam proportioning

For N and NH pumps, FIMIX, a mechanical foam system, is fully integrated in the pump. FIMIX works automatically and adjusts to the output pressure. This foam system requires no maintenance.

For normal pressure, three predefined dosing rates are available .