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Fire Truck Bodies

EXT Heavy Duty Body

Rosenbauer think that paying attention to small details is a high importance deal. Each model is built from Rosenbauers own patented body design so that each piece is menticulously manufactured. Design details are just as important as the end results.

« I » channels that don’t end where the body starts

Unlike traditional extrusions bodies that are welded, extruded I channels run all the way through the truck body for extra support. This added strength allows the body to rest on the channel. Thereby, the weight is distributed throughout the entire beam and pressure on the welds is reduced.

High Quality Wheel well option

Les tours d’ailes intérieures sont facilement remplaçables et offertes en aluminium à motifs à pointes de diamant, en aluminium peint et en acier inoxydable. Le contour extérieur des tours d’ailes est en acier inoxydable poli. Les doublures inférieures de haute densité sont standards.

The polished stainless steel federettes are easily replaceable. The high density inner liners are standard.The federettes re available in:

  • Four-way aluminium

  • Painted aluminum

  • Stainless steel.

Fully protected wiring and lighting

All wiring is placed inside the aluminum "C" channels so that neither the temperature nor the equipment will damage it. Lighting is recessed for protection. Wiring and electricity are easily accessible from bolt-in panels.

Dry and protected equipment

Roll-up doors open full width and above the compartments for a larger storage space. The doors are isolated in a separate compartment, eliminating moisture in the storage space. 

Organized storage space

Tablets, extending over the entire width of the body, are placed on sliding rails allowing users to adjust the height.

Top to bottom storage

Recessed roll-up doors maximize storage space by offering equipment mounting. In that way, cord reels and other equipment can be attached to seelling.

DurAble hinges that don’t sacrifice space

The stainless steel hinges of the compartment doors are concealed and protected from any weather condition.

Sterling – Stainless Steel Option

The stainless steel body matches the design of the extruded body EXT. Instead of extruded aluminum, the body is made of formed 304 stainless in similar dimensions . Several compartments widths, heights and depths are available to accommodate the needs of fire departments. The stainless steel body is covered by a 20 year warranty.

FX Fire Truck Body

Rosenbauer FX aluminium body offers several compartments configurations in addition to being rugged and durable so that you can build the truck you want.


The Rosenbauer Body FX offers a galvanized structure with a lifetime guarantee.


Heavy-duty steel tubes, channel, angles and gussets are welded and submerged in a hot galvanic treatment to make an extremely solid substructure. The subframe is constructed using preformed sheets and robust extrusions. It is made of rectangular steel tubing with thick walls and lined reinforcements is optional. The front is built with a rubber sleeve metacone system, specifically designed to withstand high loads and to absorb shock and twisting forces.


Plug doors on hinges stainless steel allow to have storage space over the entire width of the body. The compartments can also be customized to meet your needs. Adding lozenges, drawers and equipment racks is provided.


The roller doors facilitate access to adjustable shelves, the drawers and panels of tools, which rotate outwards, without encroaching on the floor for more safety.

CT Fire Truck Body

The Rosenbauer CT body style offers several compartments configurations in addition to being rugged and durable so you can built the truck you want. This body is available in aluminium or stainless steel.

Rosenbauer engineers use a three-dimensional modeling software to create the most innovative, most sustainable and most economical car bodies.

The components of the modular body are constructed using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and equipment such as digital high definition plasma cutting system, bending equipment and pulse MIG welding equipment.

The modules are assembled and welded using a « notch and tab » method, to ensure that each is adjusted with adequate accuracy. The use of engineering software ensures accuracy and interchangeability of parts if the need arises.

These modular compartments are bolted to the subframe, creating a completely independent body. To minimize metal wear and facilitate the replacement of any broken module, the body modules will be assembled using a power-operated, pretensioned bolting system called a “Huck Bolt”.

The substructure is built in formed heavy-duty 7 gauge steel that is strong enough to support 500 pounds distributed per compartment. It is powder coated to resist corrosion. The components of the substructure will then be assembled with "Huck bolts" to ensure maximum clamping force at each joint. The substructure will be securely bolted to the back with a minimum of four 5/8 inch bolts on each side. Up front, it will be secured with four spring clip and side guides to ensure maximum torque while keeping the body aligned with the frame.