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MP3 & RP3 Pumper

MP3 & RP3 Pumper

The Rosenbauer MP3 / RP3 is a compact (+/- 170 inches wheel base) and manoeuvrable fire apparatus. These series of pumpers are offered in various configurations meeting all of your departments expectations while keeping a short overall truck.

With either a mid-mount or rear-mount pump these trucks allow you to maximize storage space, isolate the pump controls away from the discharges and carry lot’s of water. Comparable to the E-Max and the PUC this unit is versatile in many ways that no other can!



  • BODY CHOICES: CT (Modular), FX (Formed aluminum), EXT (Extruded)
  • STORAGE CAPACITY: 342 square feet. Variable (full or half depth, full or half height)
  • BODY MATERIAL:   1/8" or 3/16" Aluminum
  • COMPARTMENT HEIGHT: Variable (high/low)
  • COMPARTMENT DEPTH: Full depth, 26''
  • PUMP CAPACITY: 250 - 2000 GPM
  • PUMP: Rosenbauer™, Darley™, Waterous™, Hale™
  • PUMP MOUNT: Transversal, latéral, arrière
  • CUSTOM CHASSIS: International, Freightliner
  • COMMERCIAL CHASSIS: International, Freightliner