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Digital solutions

Information technology is becoming an increasingly important part of emergency response services.
As a result, Rosenbauer offers a variety of digital solutions to meet the needs of firefighters and facilitate operations.

  • Digital Solutions
  • EMEREC Operations Management
  • Drone
  • Fleet Management

Digital solutions

Operations tracking must be structured and well documented. In this regard, Rosenbauer’s software solutions can provide invaluable support. Since time is of the essence when making critical decisions, the IT applications developed by Rosenbauer provide assistance to emergency services for every step of their daily operations.

  • Efficient vehicle and equipment management
  • Deployment of navigation solutions
  • Alerting applications
  • Access to relevant information at the scene of the emergency


EMEREC Operations Management

EMEREC is Rosenbauer’s information management system for coordinating response teams during firefighting operations. Information is accessible via the EMEREC mobile tablet and can be shared with all responders on their mobile device. Thus, each team member involved in the operation has the same information on the scene.

  • Technical data of vehicles
  • Information on the interventions
  • Road map of the intervention scene
  • GPS geolocation of each intervener
  • Visual and audible alert on critical situations
  • Technical data on the damaged vehicles
  • Material safety data sheet on dangerous substances
  • Existing water points near the intervention
  • And much more.



Those who know more make better decisions. This is especially true for firefighters during rescue operations. That’s why Rosenbauer decided to support fire departments in their work with drones. These flying sensors provide a very quick overview of the scene of an incident, locate hot spots or detect hazardous substances.

In collaboration with DJI, the world’s leading company in the field of aerial imaging, Rosenbauer offers high-performance equipment that integrates perfectly with digital solutions.


Fleet management

To facilitate fleet management, the Service4fire monitoring system checks all components installed in emergency vehicles every time they are used. The software automatically collects the information and prepares it in order to keep an overview of the status of all vehicles in the fleet. This reduces repair costs and increases the operational readiness of the fire department.

This service is available for new Rosenbauer vehicles, but also for older vehicles that can be equipped accordingly.



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