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RP3 pump configuration

In recent years, fire engines with rear-mounted fire pumps have seen a resurgence in popularity with fire departments. Almost half of our customers choose this configuration rather than the mid-mount pump, located on the side of the vehicle.

RP3™ pumpers are short-wheelbase vehicles, multifunctional, safer for the pump operator, and with better storage capacity.

  • 168″ vehicle wheelbase
  • 180-degree visibility for the operator
  • Increased operational security
  • Large storage capacity
  • Maneuverability: 168″ vehicle wheelbase. Shorter vehicle from 12″ to 16″.
  • Stability: Better load distribution on the axles.
  • Storage capacity: More than 20% storage space.
  • Safety and visibility: The pump operator’s position is safe and provides 180-degree visibility of the fire scene. The pump panel can be configured on the officer’s or the vehicle’s driver’s side.
  • Efficiency: All water outlets are gathered in one place.
  • Economy: Accessibility to the pump facilitates and simplifies maintenance time.
  • Communication: A large distance between the pump operator and the motor facilitates communication between stakeholders.
  • Reliability: Lever Bank cable controls allow for accurate control.



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