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Rosenbauer’s T-Rex™ articulated ladder fire truck is equipped with a fast and powerful articulated telescopic ladder. The CAN-bus electronic control system makes it possible to deploy the stabilizers, raise the gimbal to 115 feet and rotate it 90° in less than 95 seconds!

Fully compliant with the NFPA standard as an aerial platform or Quint, the T-Rex™ aerial ladder is equipped with a pump, a 300-gallon water tank, a hose bed, and a 115-foot articulated mast.

The T-Rex™ ladder truck is known for its speed of execution, agility, and versatility!

Use: Municipal, industrial

  • Model: T-Rex™
  • Rosenbauer chassis: Commander
  • Engine: Cummins™
  • Engine power: 505 to 605 HP
  • Body: Extruded (EXT)
  • Ladder: 115′, lateral reach of 93′
  • Below grade operations: 18 ° below grade
  • Platform capacity: 1,400 lbs. (5 people)
  • Overall length: 39′ 2″
  • Overall height: –
  • Pump configuration: Side (MP3)
  • Pump: Rosenbauer, Hale, Waterous
  • Pump capacity: 1,750 GIPM
  • Water tank: up to 300 imperial gallons
  • Foam System: FoamPro™ (High Volume), 20 to 30 gallons


  • LCD screen
  • CAN-bus electronic system monitors the Aerial functions 16 times per second.
  • Collision protection system, platform and body


  • Short jacking
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel stabilizer and torsion box (25-year warranty)
  • Self-leveling, 2 at the front and 2 at the rear
  • Range: 14′ 9″
  • Electronics


  • 96 ° swivel platform
  • 4 spray nozzles on the platform
  • Aerial ladder automated storage function
  • Stretcher support on the basket
  • “Soft Touch” joystick for precise, smooth and safe handling of the ladder
  • Aerial Command seat (ACS)
  • Remote operations with the Radio Remote (ladder, monitor and stabilizers)
  • Ez-Climb™ Ladder
  • 244 sq. Ft. of storage space
  • Complies with NFPA standard



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