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By using the Customer Portal of Aréo-Feu Ltd. (from now on, “Areo-Fire“), you and your company agree to be governed by these terms and conditions.


These terms of use of the portal are in addition to any contract and agreement between your company and Aréo-Feu, including general contracts on rates or specific deals. If there is any incompatibility between these terms of use and a particular arrangement, the latter must prevail.


The company can define which of its employees will have access to the portal and their role and permissions.

Suppose one of your employees leaves your company or their role is changed to no longer allowed to access the portal. In that case, it is the administrator’s responsibility to remove their access rights to the portal.

Different roles and permissions

  • Administrator: Account manager with full access to the portal. Entitled to link an existing account to the exit, place orders, Add, deactivate, or assign a specific role for each user in his company.
  • Maintain Address: Authorized to keep shipping and billing addresses up to date.
  • View all orders: Authorized to view orders linked to your business account
  • Place orders: Authorized to place orders on behalf of your company.
  • Customer Portal: Authorized to view the Customer Portal.

Each person using the portal agrees:

  • To keep secret the username and password he receives from Areo-Fire.
  • Not to attempt to access the Portal using another person’s ID.
  • To notify Areo-Fire’s customer service department in all cases where a password has been disclosed to a third party or its security is compromised.
  • To use the portal only to meet the company’s needs for which access is granted.
  • To cease all Portal use as soon as his employment relationship with the client company Areo-Fire is terminated.

The portal should only be used for legal and ethical purposes.

Without limiting the generality of the preceding, it is strictly prohibited:

  • To use the Portal in a manner that would violate the laws applicable to your industry or the rights of employees.
  • To use the Portal in such a manner as to harm Aréo-Feu.
  • To use the Portal in such a way as to interfere with the proper functioning of the portal, notably by carrying out computer vulnerability tests or by attempting to introduce malicious software (e.g., viruses or worms).
  • To use any feature of the Portal to display or disseminate unlawful, defamatory, obscene information, contains threats to others, or encourage criminal behavior.


The portal and its contents are subject to copyright. It is strictly forbidden to attempt to reproduce any content of the portal without the holder’s permission of these rights.

Areo-Fire does not offer any guarantee regarding the portal and its information.

Access to the portal is provided free of charge by Areo-Fire to some of its client companies. Areo-Fire will in no way be liable for the damage suffered by the company in the event of interruption or suspension of access to the portal to a company or its authorized persons, whatever the cause.

In addition, Areo-Fire cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any inaccuracy of the information appearing on the portal. It is the company’s sole responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the information concerning it on the portal and bring Areo-Fire any errors.


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