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Electric RTX

Inspired by megatrends, the RTX vehicle has been designed to meet the requirements that fire safety services in the largest cities will face in the coming years.

The RT vehicle is much more than an electric vehicle; its architecture is entirely innovative: Outstanding ergonomics; Large loading capacity; Agility and efficient driving; Maximized communication, Highly secure.

This electric vehicle offers a high level of safety, excellent driving dynamics and maneuverability, innovative safety features, and is fully connected.

Thanks to the transmission concept, the centre of gravity is lower and allows for better axle load distribution. This ensures unprecedented stability during corners and thereby reduces the risk of accidents.

The vehicle has a charging capacity of up to 150 kW, which means that the built-in batteries can be recharged quickly. The RT can extend its electric range thanks to a small integrated diesel engine that powers a large generator without any limitations.

Use: Municipal, industrial

  • Model: Electric RTX
  • Chassis: Avenger 4X4
  • Motor: Electric
  • Engine power: 480 HP
  • Range extender: BMW diesel, 350 HP
  • Body: Aluminum superstructure
  • Overall length: 299″
  • Overall height: 120″
  • Overall width: 92.5 “
  • Pump configuration: Variable
  • Pump: Rosenbauer N and NH
  • Pump capacity: 1,250 GIPM
  • Water tank: up to 1000 imperial gallons
  • Foam system: FoamPro ™ (High volume), Fix-Mix ™ (High pressure)



  • Location of the personalized pump panel
  • Articulated electric mirrors
  • Cameras with a view to the front and rear of the vehicle
  • Electric or manual doors
  • Wide choice of storage compartment configuration
  • Retractable storage trays
  • Customizable electronic sign
  • Large retractable storage compartment


Electrical system

The electric system of the RTX vehicle recharges very quickly and allows the vehicle to be powered over a distance of 100 km. If additional energy is needed, the range extender (350 HP BMW diesel engine) takes over. This engine recharges the batteries faster than driving depletes them and extends the vehicle’s range by up to 400 km .

The electrical system also supplies the pump with 1,500 gallons per minute. With the pressure provided by the hydrants, the pump can run on battery power for four hours or up to nine hours using the range extender .

As an example, when the batteries are 100% charged, the water pump can run continuously for one hour at 528 gpm or until the charge drops to 20%. When the range extender takes over, the vehicle can continue to pump water for another five hours.



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