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Who is Rosenbauer

One name, one promise: Rosenbauer

A pioneering family business founded in 1866, Rosenbauer is a partner of choice for emergency teams. More than a century of experience in technology and continuous manufacturing and its eleven production sites worldwide make it a leader in the firefighting industry.  

Rosenbauer has more than 2,000 employees, including 850 in North America. It produces more than 2,000 vehicles each year, including 700 in North America. The keys to Rosenbauer’s success are innovation, manufacturing quality, and excellence in research and development. 


Rosenbauer's strength

Its sense of innovation and fire vehicle know-how has enabled Rosenbauer to become a world-renowned manufacturer of fire vehicles and the world’s largest. 

Rosenbauer's values


At Rosenbauer, every detail counts, every time. Vehicles, service personnel, and production teams ensure your safety and satisfaction. The quality and durability of vehicles are at the heart of its concerns.


Perfection means staying ahead of the curve. Rosenbauer develops the latest advanced technologies and sets new standards in the industry. As a cutting-edge company, the goal is to meet the future needs of today's fire departments.

Accessibility and satisfaction

Rosenbauer guarantees that emergency teams can rely 100% on their vehicles and equipment. To this end, the company provides its customers with maintenance services and customer service available 24 hours a week.


A business partner for family businesses in Europe and North America, Rosenbauer America keeps family values at the heart of its corporate culture.

What remains to be seen

For Rosenbauer, the customer comes first. It is the only manufacturer to offer a complete range of vehicles, services, and equipment. The company is also very attentive to the specific needs of its customers. That’s why it has built its services on a custom-made model. In this way, each client’s services can optimally be adapted to their needs.  

To save lives, you must be fully committed, so Rosenbauer provides its customers with immediate assistance and repair with its 24/7 technical support service. A service center near your location will be able to intervene quickly. Rosenbauer technicians are all highly qualified specialists who will be able to carry out rigorous checks, maintain or repair your equipment in all circumstances. In addition, Rosenbauer makes every effort to meet all your most stringent requirements regarding your staff’s maintenance, repair, and training. 

  • 20-year warranty on stainless steel bodywork 
  • Transferable Lifetime Warranty on Extrusion Body (EXT) 
  • Lifetime warranty of the substructure 

What are you looking for?

We are your first responders. We can advise you at any time and help you find the equipment you need quickly. 


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