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RDL™ Rapid Deploy Light

The Rosenbauer RDL™ Rapid Deploy Light is a telescoping, rotating light tower built into the fire engine. It initially deploys to a height of 8 feet, then simply activates manually to extend to the desired distance up to a height of 20 feet, providing 360° illumination.

The RDL™ is equipped with four 120-volt LED lights. Each quad-panel lighthead can also be rotated to a 90° angle.

The RDL™ provides powerful, clutter-free lighting.

  • Automatic Deployment – The “RDL™” light is deployed automatically with a switch on the officer’s dashboard.
  • 360° illumination – four 120-volt LED lights point in opposite directions to provide illumination over the entire scene.
  • Safe – The light is equipped with sensors to detect electrical wires or other obstructions during deployment.
  • 90° rotation of the light globes – two of the lights can be rotated at a 90° angle, allowing up to two light globes to be added together to form a line of three globes for better illumination. The fourth globe remains behind the stage to provide lighting behind the stage for firefighter safety.



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