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How to maximize your firefighter’s safety?

Did you know that 40 % of all distress calls never reach the rescue teams because of radio communication problems? When risking their lives for others, firefighters deserve the best safety!

The Connected Firefighter Platform (CFF) improves your teams’ connectivity, and LUNAR radio is the heart of it to ensure the safety of your firefighters. Autonomous and wireless, it allows you to spot flames and locate responders on site.


LUNAR – the heart of the CFF Platform

  • new thermal imaging technology that will allow you to:
    • Identify hot spots and ventilations, and guide firefighters towards the best paths during an intervention,
    • Know your environment better,
    • Be more confident about the decisions to be made on the spot.
  • A tool for edge detection that provides better visibility on windows, doors, and potentially people.
  • 360-degree search and rescue technology: Firefighting Assisting Search Technology (F.A.S.T.) combines steering and distance information to help find a team member in distress.
  • motion alarm: An alarm activates if it does not detect a firefighter’s movement.

LUNAR is part of the MSA Connected Firefighter (CFF) platform, a system of products designed to work together to help firefighters see and assess a situation like never before, even in the most dangerous situations.

Lunar in action

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