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Launch of the new transactional website & Customer portal

Areo-Fire launches a transactional website and customer portal

Customers of firefighting equipment provider Aréo-Feu now have access to a new transactional website and customer portal.
Completely redesigned, the site provides its customers with several new functionalities. The design now adapts to the device used to access the site, whether it is a desktop computer, a tablet or a phone. More than 800 pages of original content have been reorganized to make navigation more efficient and intuitive.

Simplified transactions and accurate information

One of the main advantages of the new site is that it ensures that Aréo-Feu customers have accurate pricing and up-to-date inventory information. This improvement is made possible thanks to its integration with the company’s ERP system. The online catalogue is now the exact reflection of the internal management system.

With, at first, a selection of about 4,000 items, current Areo-Fire customers will benefit from preferential prices on certain things. They will have the possibility to communicate online, follow the usual invoicing process, and charge the purchases to their customer account or pay by credit card..

Areo-Fire wants to offer its customers an even larger product catalogue in a later phase.

Rich in content, powerful and constantly evolving

The new Areo-Fire website is equipped with a very efficient search engine, a blog section, and several sections that our customers are used to, including Fire truck, Service Center, Emergency Service, Customer Service, About Us, etc.

Customer Portail

A "360-degree" view for our customers



Customer portal: a "360-degree" view for our customers

With the new portal, which will be launched on May 17, Aréo-Feu customers will have access to their existing accounts at all times and a host of functionalities. Each customer will obtain secure access by Aréo-Feu; all you have to do is apply for it.

Careful attention has been paid to the customer portal to simplify the consultation of documents and optimize the general experience of use. For example, it is now possible to consult several documents at any time, including:

  • Order history: Customers anxious to get certain products back or obtain specific information will only have to refer to their past orders to find all the information they need, such as tracking data, invoices and articles numbers.
  • Order progress: Customers will receive email notifications during essential steps in processing their order.
  • Follow-up on returns: all information about returns and their authorizations can now be obtained via the portal.


  In addition, the new customer portal will allow Areo-Fire customers to:

  • berewardedwith preferential prices
  • order online at any time
  • charge purchases to the account
  • requestan old order
  • convert a list of favoritesinto an order
  • manage portal users and assign themspecific networks
  • and more.
The launch of our new website and customer portal is the beginning of a new technological shift for Areo-Fire. The team is bubbling with ideas to better serve our customers!

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